The Jobs Report for August is one that broke another record for President Trump…

President Trump is in office for 18 months and blows the last 40 years of stats out of the water! What were the past three president’s doing?

•Jobs created in 19 months since Trump took office: 3.583 million (189,000 jobs per month)

•Jobs created in 19 months before Trump took office: 3.960 million (208,000 jobs per month)

Bloomberg reports on strong August jobs numbers that contributed to the highest annual gain in wages since 2009:

You won’t see much on this in the main stream media. It’s the big secret that they don’t tell the sheeple who still watch their propaganda. Trump is winning and so are American workers! The economy is roaring back with jobs and profits like we haven’t seen in a long time.

•201,000 jobs added in August instead of the 191,000 predicted!

•Labor participation rate is at 62.7%

Charles Payne: “I think that the Fed is going to be okay with allowing Main Street to get a long, overdue pay raise.”

We think Senator John Thune said it best:


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