Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller traveled to the Obama’s neighborhood to clear up a recent controversy surrounding a tweet put out by President Trump about the “ten-foot wall” surrounding “President and Mrs. Obama’s D.C. mansion/compound.”

The President tweeted that he agrees that the massive wall surrounding the Obama’s D.C. mansion is necessary for their “safety an security” and that the “U.S. needs the same thing” only a “slightly larger version!”

As expected, the Democrats and their allies went off the deep end, and the so-called “fact-checkers” who are mostly leftists who work tirelessly to discredit anything conservatives publish, jumped all over the President’s claim in an effort to smear him and his claim.

Here are just a few examples of headlines from the Democrat Media Complex discrediting President Trump’s claim about the border wall around the Obama compound:

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So…were People magazine, The Washington Post and The Rolling Stone magazine correct? Was Trump’s claim about the Obama wall “false” or better yet, a “lie?”

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As it turns out, there are so layers of security, including walls, barricades, local police and Secret Service surrounding the Obama compound, that the average person is not even allowed to get within 1,000 feet of his mansion to determine if there is a “ten-foot wall” around their home.


Part II of The Daily Caller’s investigation of Obama’s “ten-foot wall” by Benny Johnson can be seen in the second video below:

Here’s a video of Barack Obama and Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer that highlights their hypocrisy when it comes to the construction of the wall. Democrats prefer to shut down the government before they’ll agree to fund a wall they used to believe in before Trump became President.

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