A Democrat Las Vegas County Official has been arrested on murder charges after a journalist was found stabbed to death on Saturday morning.

Jeff German, 69, was an investigative reporter who frequently reported on political corruption. After German published a series of exposés on Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, 45, the official lost his bid for reelection in June. Since then, Telles has angrily posted on Twitter about the “smear pieces” written about him, denying their validity.

On Saturday morning, German was found dead outside of his home with multiple stab wounds.

On Thursday, police announced they discovered a cut-up straw hat and cut-up gray sneakers with blood stains at Telles’ home in what appeared to be an attempt to cover up evidence. Telles’ DNA was also found at the scene of the crime.

Robert Telles
Jeff German

Back in May, German obtained and published a video of Telles, exposing his alleged affair with an employee. In the video, Telles exits the backseat of a vehicle with one of his staffers, Roberta Lee-Kennett, who is seen pulling her skirt down as she gets out.


Telles is married with three children.

Robert Telles with his wife


In addition to exposing Telles’ affair, German also began digging into the atmosphere Telles created at his office. Ahead of the elections, German began releasing stories alleging “emotional stress, bullying and favoritism” going on within the Clark County Public Administrator’s office.

In German’s piece for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, he wrote,

“A half-dozen current and former employees interviewed by the Review-Journal are alleging the hostile work environment was fueled by the elected administrator of the office, Robert Telles, carrying on an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a staffer that has harmed the office’s ability to deal with the public in overseeing the estates of those who have died.”

A few days before the primary election, Telles posted a screenshot of an online conversation between the two, in which German informed Telles of a new story he was coming out with. Telles said,

“Does the [Las Vegas Review Journal] know that [Jeff German] may be doing double duty on their dime? Do they know he basically made a veiled threat to make me take down my site with the truth after I already lost the election?”

A couple of days later, Telles posted a scathing letter on his website which attacked German and the Review-Journal for their stories about the allegations against Telles, which he claimed were all fake.

He accused his Democrat opponent, Rita Reid, of being involved in these stories to help her win the election. “They are seeking to destroy me both personally and professionally,” said Telles.

In the wake of the lost election, German was reportedly working on another story about Telles, who posted an angry tweet directed at German that said, “Looking forward to lying smear piece #4 by [Jeff German]. #onetrickpony I think he’s mad that I haven’t crawled into a hole and died.”



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