Earlier this week, prominent members of the GOP like Mitt Romney, John McCain and Marco Rubio attacked President Trump for condemning both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, VA last weekend. Today, two police officers were killed in an apparent ambush today in Kissimmee, Florida. Both men woke up, put their uniforms on and committed to protecting total strangers. Instead of protecting them, these two brave men, Officer Matthew Baxter and Sergeant Sam Howard were ambushed and murdered by the cowards police believe dialed 911 for help.

On the other side of the nation, at almost the same time that two innocent police officers were being murdered, brave Boston police officers and Massachusetts State Police were defending 50 pro-free speech Americans, who were surrounded by 30,000 hateful and violent protesters who were threatening American citizens for daring to take a stand for the First Amendment. The pro free-speech Americans had to be carted away in by police in wagons, as violent leftists waited for them to exit the Boston Commons area where they gathered with American flags and peacefully spoke to one another about the importance of free speech in America.

Here’s a picture of some of the “White Supremacists” defending free-speech in Boston today:


Watch CNN totally lie to their viewers, as they twist the narrative of the FREE SPEECH rally, calling it an “Alt-Right” rally:

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Brave Boston police officers were deployed to keep the peace.  Keeping 30,000 angry leftists away from 50 peaceful Americans is  no easy task when you have people on the left who are itching for a fight. Their fight is not just with Americans who want to protect our First Amendment Right to free speech, it’s also with the cops. Former GOP presidential candidates like Mitt Romney, John McCain and Marco Rubio took to social media to trash President Trump for not embracing the violent left (the same groups of leftist agitators who were in Charlottesville that are now in Boston). What these sore losers have clearly forgotten is how Barack Obama and his administrations embraced the war on our law enforcement. What these clowns don’t see is that cops being murdered or innocent Americans being beaten bloody because they don’t hold the same leftist views is never going to end, unless we have a leader who is willing to call them out.

Watch this large group surround and threaten one young man who was all by himself because he was wearing a Trump hat. Can anyone imagine this happening to anyone wearing an Obama hat while he was president? How about you Mitt Romney? Are you okay with this?

Here’s an example of the “peaceful” left that so many Americans were enraged about President Trump not defending in Charlottesville last weekend. This is what our law enforcement are dealing with every day in America, courtesy of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Al Sharpton and Black Lives Matter.

Joe Biggs of Infowars was at the FREE SPEECH event and documented how the police officers had to rescue them from being attacked by massive group of violent leftists (language warning).


Watch, as the Massachusetts State Police attempt to move violent protesters back so they can help the small group of free speech Americans escape without being harmed or worse by violent leftist agitators.

Anybody wanna be a cop? 


Here’s a photo of the FREE SPEECH Americans being carted away in police wagons for their own safety from the large mob of violent leftists:


Watch this female senior citizen being attacked and dragged on the ground by an Antifa thug for the crime of holding an American flag.:

Here’s a look at the person who attacked her. Please share this with everyone to help us identify this person:

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