What would Ellen’s motive be for addressing Hillary’s strange public affection for Aguilera’s bosoms, other than to endear her to the lesbian viewers? Of course, this calls into question yet again, Hillary’s politically motivated, sham of a marriage to Bill. Look, we couldn’t care less if Hillary is a lesbian. It’s just another lie she’s been living, on top of a million other lies. If it’s true, (and there sure is a lot of evidence, as well as insiders who have come forward to say it is) America should question her political motivation for keeping it a secret for so many years, given she has become such a vocal advocate of gay rights over the past 8 years.  It just goes to her rotten, lying character. Ellen didn’t seem to suffer any ill effects by being honest with her fans, and she can certainly live with a clear conscience….something Hillary will never be able to do. Cough…cough…#Benghazi!

Ellen: “There’s a picture of you…was it you staring at Hillary or you staring at Hillary?”

Christina: “She was staring at my bosoms.”


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“I know you just had a fundraiser for her at your house.”

Christina: “I did, I did.” “She’s amazing.”

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Ellen: “That’s fantastic.”

Leaving many of Ellen’s viewers wondering, “Why is that ‘fantastic'”?

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