Mike Lindell has been flogged by the corporate media.

He’s been canceled by big box stores and shopping channels for being a conservative.

Mike dared to question the 2020 election. He dared to say, “Hey, maybe we should take a look at what happened.”

The radical Left retaliated by kicking his MyPillow products out of their stores and off their shopping channels.

But there’s a silver lining: Mike partnered with sites like 100PercentFedUp! to offer lower prices than were ever possible before.


Tonight, on his Frank Speech network, Mike Lindell, who’s refusing to give up on his fight to restore election integrity in America,  is sharing an interview with his close personal friend President Donald J. Trump.

Watch the trailer here:

Here’s Mike’s live interview with President Trump:

Please support Mike by visiting his website and purchasing products from his American company. When you purchase your Christmas gifts from Mike, you are supporting an American hero and if you use the “Fed Up” code, you will get incredible savings on your purchase and a portion of the proceeds will go towards helping us to keep sharing the news the fake media refuses to publish. Go to MyPillow.com and enter the “Fed Up” code at checkout and get up to 66% off!

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