On May 29, Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was captured on video with his knee on the neck of George Floyd for almost 9 minutes during an arrest was arrested and charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter. Floyd, a 47-year-old black man, who was arrested for alleged forgery, could be seen in the video telling the police officers that he couldn’t breathe, while Chauvin kept his knee planted on Chauvin’s neck. Shortly after his arrest, Floyd died. Three other MN police officers stood by while Floyd was pinned to the ground by fellow Minneapolis Police Officer Chauvin’s knee.

Floyd’s death spurred incredible violence, including the death and serious injuries of innocent law enforcement officers and US Secret Service agents, rioting, looting, arson, and the destruction of cities across America. The violence that’s taken place in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death has divided our nation and shined a light on the dark underbelly of the Democrat Party and the media who supports them.

Thousands of Black Lives Matter rioters violently burned down and looted cities across America.

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Our future VP, Kamala Harris promoted a fundraiser to help bail out violent BLM rioters.

This stunning video shows the aftermath of the Minneapolis riots on the day after George Floyd’s death.

Innocent people were slaughtered by violent “activists,” including  77-year-old retired St. Louis Police Department Captain David Dorn, a father, husband, grandfather, and brother who was killed defending his friend and employer’s business from criminals during the riots in St. Louis.

The two thugs pictured on either side of David Dorn were arrested and charged with his murder.

No live trial was set for these two murderous thugs who not only shot Officer Dorn to death and left him to bleed out in the streets but videotaped their violent act and posted it on Facebook LIVE.

It was later determined in the toxicology report that Floyd’s death was a result of a Fentanyl overdose.

Never mind the violence of BLM rioters and looters, the only thing that matters is the white cop who kneeled on Chauvin’s death…the leftist media will provide wall-to-wall coverage of his trial while never publishing a single article about the victims of BLM and Antifa who joined forces to punish innocent Americans and business owners for Floyd’s death.

Today, the trial of Chauvin begins. You can watch it live here:

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