This morning, French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted a video of himself, his wife, Brigitte, President Trump and Melania, as they all took part in a ceremonial tree planting on the White House lawn. The oak tree was a gift from Macron to President Trump, that will serve as a reminder of their mutual fight for freedom and the WWII ties that will forever bind them.

President Macron tweeted: “100 years ago, American soldiers fought in France, in Belleau to defend our freedom. This oak tree (my gift to ) will be a reminder at the White House of these ties that bind us.”

The lovefest between Trump and Macron continued today when President Trump made an unexpected and very touching tribute to French Police Officer Beltrame, a WWII hero.

During his remarks welcoming Macron to the White House, Trump addressed the “timeless bonds of history” connecting the United States and France.

“We are people who cherish our values, protect our civilization and recognize the image of God in every human soul,” Trump said. “This legacy has made us who we are and given us what we hold dear: the blessings of faith and freedom, the marvels of art and science, the love of family and community, and the defense of home and country.”

“This righteous calling, this sacred heritage, is what moved a young Frenchman to risk death for American liberty at Yorktown. It is what spurred the Americans to storm the cliffs of Omaha Beach,” he continued. “Just weeks ago, we added a new name to this chronicle of our great heroes, a brave French policeman named Arnaud Beltrame. He stared down evil and did not flinch.”

Beltrame willingly traded places with a hostage during a standoff in March. He died of injuries sustained in the incident and was later awarded with a French national honor.

When Trump mentioned Beltrame during his speech, Macron gently placed his hand on Trump’s arm. Trump turned to look at Macron, and the pair smiled at one another in solidarity. –Daily Caller

Watch at the 23-minute mark:

Shortly after President Trump’s touching speech, President Macron tweeted: “We must continue together to write the chapters of our current history.”

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