The Obamas recently moved their oldest daughter, Malia, into her dorm at Harvard. After her gap year, which seemed to be spent participating in activities such as attending various music festivals, shaking her booty for the crowd, and rolling around on the ground, she, all of the sudden, seems to be not so fond of her fame anymore.

It’s been less than a week since Malia Obama moved into her dorm and officially became Harvard University’s most famous freshman.

Barack and Michelle Obama’s first-born reacted angrily Saturday to a gawker who waited outside a campus store in order to snap a picture of the famous former occupant of the White House, TMZ reported.

The gossip site said that eyewitnesses reported a woman approached Malia at a salad shop in Cambridge’s Harvard Square asking for a picture for her grandson.

After Malia politely declined, the woman walked reportedly walked outside and waited for her to complete her purchase and exit the store.

As Malia left the store, the woman snapped a photo, prompting the newly minted college student to say: ‘Are you gonna take it in my face like an animal in a cage?’

Malia moved into her Harvard University dormitory on Monday afternoon, one day before her fellow students began arriving with their parents.

The family was joined by members of the Secret Service as they pulled up to Malia’s new residence in a two-SUV envoy. –Daily Mail


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