The takedown below is one of the best ever because Maxine Waters has no idea she’s being schooled on the separation of powers by Mick Mulvaney. This is one of the best reasons Mulvaney is a great pick for the president. He knows D.C. is a swamp and knows you have to play hardball with everyone.

Watch her comments to the Office of Management and Budget’s Mick Mulvaney:

Mick Mulvaney torched Rep. Maxine Waters with a solid civics lesson during testimony before the House Committee on Financial Services.

Waters claimed that the lawmakers were responsible for enforcing Dodd-Frank financial regulations. She then asked why the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director should be trusted to lead the bureau after he sponsored a bill to eliminate it.

Maxine Waters asked Mulvaney:

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“Why should we think that you’re not there to destroy the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?”

“With respect, Congresswoman, I would say that I am the one responsible for implementing Dodd-Frank, not you. You were responsible for passing legislation and then the executive branch implements it.”

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He cuts her down to the ground but she still doesn’t understand her place. It’s just how dumb she is. All she can say is “I reclaim my time”…


Waters is one of the biggest grifters in D.C. who detests President Trump. She has lead chants of “Impeach 45” at several events. She’s convinced that Trump will be impeached but can’t say why he should be impeached.

Waters is a perfect example of someone who needs to go! She lives in a mansion in a district outside of the one she’s supposed to represent. She gets reelected by fear-mongering and racism.

Her big home is in the background of this poster. The poster was put up all over her neighborhood by street artist Sabo:

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