On Monday morning, a deadly missile hit a bus in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, causing a major explosion that killed one civilian and wounded six others.

The exact moment of the missile strike was captured by surveillance video and released by the Kyiv City Council.

In the video, a man is seen walking in a park when, suddenly, something catches his attention and he turns around to look up into the sky. Seconds later, a rocket comes shooting out of the sky and hits a nearby bus.



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Aside from the civilian casualty and injuries, the bus was obliterated and nearby buildings were significantly damaged.

The aftermath of the missile strike

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko and his brother Wladimir Klitschko visited the scene of the missile strike and recorded video of the horrific aftermath. Wladimir later posted a video of himself at the site to Twitter, imploring his followers to support Ukraine and help stop this war.

Mayor Vitali Klitschko inspecting the scene of the missile attack

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In the video, Wladimir shows the destruction that surrounds him, saying, “Civilian buildings are getting destroyed. Life is getting destroyed. This senseless war must be stopped.”

“Partners of Ukraine must do anything to isolate [Russia] economically,” implored Wladimir. “All the assets are gonna be used for rockets and bullets, not just to destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine but killing the innocent.”

“Isolate Russia… In a minute or an hour, it’s gonna be too late,” Wladimir said, stressing that at any minute, more innocent lives may be lost.

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