Joe Scarborough, former Republican and host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” went off on an embarrassing rant about Americans who refuse to accept the outcome of the November election.

The rant by “Morning Blow [Hard]” falls on deaf ears for most Republicans who will never concede that a candidate who couldn’t string two coherent sentences together, campaigned from his basement, and drew dozens (including the media) to his rallies, won more votes in the November election than any president in American history.

Six months after the November 2020 election, a leading national poll found that 7 in 10 Republican voters still question the legitimacy of the president’s victory.

This is slightly worse than a recent Monmouth poll, which found65% of GOP voters believe that Biden’s win was solely the result of voter fraud.

“Love it or leave it!” Scarborough shouted.

“If you don’t have respect in American democracy anymore…” he ranted. “If you don’t respect Madisonian checks and balances if your guy doesn’t win,” Scarborough shouted, adding, “Then just leave our country—because you’re unworthy of it.”

Scarborough warned that “millions of immigrants” will be glad to take your place.

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Someone should tell Scarborough, who’s clearly been living in a cave, that millions of immigrants are taking the place of Americans every day that Biden’s borders remain wide-open. Millions of Americans who supported President Trump in 2016 and again in 2020 watched his popularity grow after taking a hardline stance on our borders, precisely because he cared about the American worker and didn’t want to see them replaced by “millions of immigrants,” who agree to work for slave labor wages for dirty businesses that fought for Democrats to gain control of our government.

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