Democrats Nancy Pelosi has a history of pulling a ‘Jeb moment’ (see below) where she demands that the crowd show their approval by clapping. It’s awkward when a room full of adults is admonished into clapping for Pelosi. The last time she did this was in January (see video below) when she yelled out, “Applause line!” to get the crowd to clap.

The latest hilarious ‘Jeb moment’ was when Pelosi was introducing the “Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions & Making Health Care More Affordable Act”. How soon she forgets that it was Obamacare that screwed Americans out of affordable healthcare and keeping their doctor.
Pelosi awkwardly introduced some “distinguished Chairmen” to the crowd stammering and stalling to remember the three men:

“Today, under the leadership of our three distinguished Chairmen: Mr. Pallone of Energy and Commerce, Mr. Scott of Education and Labor, and Mr. Neal of Ways and Means Committee…the three Committees of jurisdiction, we’re going forward with the Protecting Pre-existing Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Act.”

There was total silence after she made the announcement and that’s when she sternly demanded:

“That’s a line for applause!”

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Notice how she waves her arm in the air like a queen ordering her court to perform…and then she giggled.

It’s interesting to watch the big pivot from Russian collusion to Republicans will steal your healthcare. That was quick!

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President Trump is way ahead of the Democrats on this:

. is always focusing on the American people.

He wants to: 

– Protect people w/ preexisting conditions

– Restore the patient-doctor relationship

– Lower the cost of health care for Americans who continue to suffer under the burden of Obamacare.

Nancy Pelosi’s last ‘Jeb moment’ was in January when she attended the Conference of Mayors in D.C.:

Whoa! Speaker Pelosi was no speaker during the bizarre speech she gave to a room full of mayors in D.C at the United States Conference of Mayors meeting.

She fumbled and giggled through the speech looking a little silly and unprofessional. A little too much vino?

She kept asking the audience to clap for her by saying “applause line”.

Check out the video below and you tell us what you think. Was Nancy just in a good mood or was she high as a kite?

Pelosi seemed a little gleeful when she asked the crowd to respond by saying ” let’s hear it for border security!”

“The American people elected a House majority that would…that’s an applause line! Not for everybody maybe.”

Pelosi got words wrong and stuttered through a bizarre speech full of stops and starts with giggles too:

“There are two challenges, uh, well, actually three that I want to just close with and that is are…these are the f… these wh… here they are!” 

 “We have to think in a very… dra…drastic way about this.”

“We must embrace innovation, inclusion, we just have to establish your motto that you have put forth here today.” 

“We’re coming back to it here…You know it.”

“Infrastructure, innovution…”

What’s up with Nancy?

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