The Nashville airport was the scene yesterday of something really special.

A video courtesy of Jen Tringale recorded the moment travelers spontaneously started singing the National Anthem!

Tringale posted this message on Facebook along with the video:

I witnessed an international airport come to a complete stop today …

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At the Nashville airport I walked out into the concourse to this scene @americanairlines was flying a plane full of children who had lost a parent in combat to Disneyworld on an all expenses paid trip and they threw a party for them at the gate❤️

But when they announced them over the loudspeaker and they lined up to board the plane the whole airport literally stopped and sang the national anthem with military present in salute.

Most every person standing around, myself included was bawling at the sight of these kids and spouses who have paid so great a price for our country.

To see all of this at Christmas time was so humbling. Seeing the general public in an airport stand still to honor these kids was simply beautiful. 

Just beautiful: Nashville’s airport came to a complete stop as travelers stopped to sing the national anthem to a plane full of children whose parents had died in combat


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We’re serving the children of fallen military heroes. In 2017, Snowball Express became an official Gary Sinise Foundation program. We are committed to maintaining the wonderful traditions while finding new and exciting ways to serve our families of the fallen.


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