Fox News Channel anchor Neil Cavuto has finally returned to the air after five weeks of battling his second, and much more severe, case of covid pneumonia. Until Cavuto’s public explanation, his reason for being absent from the show had been kept private as he fought for his life.

Cavuto has had various health complications in his life, being treated for cancer in the 80s, getting diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997, and having open-heart surgery in 2016.

Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto

Due to him being immunocompromised, Cavuto explained to his viewers today that he’s “among the vulnerable 3% or so of the population that can’t sustain the full benefits of a vaccine.”

After thanking all the people who filled in for him on the show while he was away, Cavuto (somewhat comedically) read out some cruel viewer comments on his absence.

One comment was, “It’s very easy not to miss Cavuto.” Another comment from a viewer named ‘Janice’ read, “Dead or alive, as long as he isn’t on my TV, it’s a good day.” To which Cavuto responded, “Well then, sorry about today Janice.”

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Cavuto then revealed why Fox hadn’t released any information on his absence, saying he had asked them to keep his affairs private. “I just felt that I wasn’t the story,” he said. “The stories on this show were, and are, the stories about you, it’s not about me.”

The news anchor then proceeded to offer up a long-awaited explanation of his absence.

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“I did get covid again,” said Cavuto, “but a far far more serious strand – what doctors call covid pneumonia. It landed me in intensive care for quite a while and it really was touch-and-go.”

Cavuto then proceeded to put vaccine-related rumors to rest, clarifying that his severe illness was not caused by the covid-19 vaccine, but instead by his “very compromised immune system.”

“Because I’ve had cancer and right now have multiple sclerosis, I am among the vulnerable 3% or so of the population that cannot sustain the full benefits of the vaccine,” explained Cavuto.

He then emphasized the importance of the covid vaccination in his case, saying, “[L]et me be clear, doctors say had I not been vaccinated at all, I wouldn’t be here.”

“I’m not here to debate vaccinations for you, just to offer an explanation for me,” wrapped up Cavuto. “Time to get back to far more important matters.”


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