New York Times shows America what gutter journalism looks like with a video they published on their Facebook page yesterday, that already has almost half a million views. 

In their video, they mock Trump’s visit to Singapore, as he took the first steps to negotiate a nuclear-free North Korea. Upon his return from the Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the news broke that President Trump had received two Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his historic meeting. Meanwhile, back in the US, the mainstream media was working overtime to discredit his incredible achievements.

In a 2017 interview, with BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith, The Huffington Post’s editor-in-chief Lydia Polgreen said, “The New York Times, I think, really is the gold standard of a certain type of journalism. And in some ways, it’s the most important type of journalism. This chronicle of the biggest and most important stories of our time covered with a level of rigor and seriousness that is really unparalleled.”

Yesterday, The New York Times showed how serious they are about reporting the news when they posted an incredible video to their Facebook page. In the video, President Trump is repeatedly mocked, called a dotard, and talked about “Trump made a fake movie trailer to deal with an actual nuclear threat.”  The video starts out:

“7 billion people inhabit planet earth, and their fate lies in the hands of these two men…”

The highly dubbed video mocks President Trump for walking away from the horrible Iran deal, saying, “From the administration who tanked the Iran deal.”  It goes on to criticize Trump for making a deal with North Korea while Kim Jong Un made no concessions. They then go to a clip of Trump saying, “you can’t ensure anything” that of course, is taken totally out of context.

Watch the unbelievable video from the “gold standard of journalism”:


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