The New York Times reporter’s face says it all when an Ohio family who voted for Trump explains to her why they’d rather see Trump make our national security a priority than receive government freebies that directly benefit them. It’s hard for a liberal to wrap their brain around the idea of a low-income family who wouldn’t put their needs first, it’s even harder for a liberal to understand the appeal for Donald Trump, the multi-billionaire businessman turned President.

WFB– Yamiche Alcindor, now a reporter for PBS, last year visited a family in Trumbull County, Ohio that benefited from the congressionally-funded HOME Investment Partnerships Program, which helps low-income families repair their homes.

“I’m going to talk to a couple that voted for Trump about the repairs that were done to their home through a program that the Trump administration wants to eliminate,” Alcindor said in a voice-over as she drove to the home of Tammy and Joseph Pavlic—44 and 42, respectively.

The Pavlics appear to be the typical working-class family that helped propel Trump to the presidency. The family applied to the HOME program in 2015 to help repair their home, the Times reported.

By 2015, Ms. Pavlic was supporting her husband and their three children on an annual salary of $9,000, earned at a restaurant. That year, they tapped a county program funded by Congress, called the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, to help repair their house.

“So the reason why I’m writing a story about the program is because in President Trump’s budget he says they are low priority programs. As people who supported him, do you see these programs as low priority?” Alcindor asked.

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Watch the interview here:

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Joseph said he understood needing to make cuts in order to make a budget work.

“With the rough times we’ve had, I understand having to look at a budget and make cuts,” he said. “It’s about getting the agenda done and putting America back in order again.”

Tammy then said that if she had to choose between getting her home repaired or the country constructing a wall along the southern border, she would choose the latter.

“If today I had to make the decision, ‘OK, you can have your house done or you can, you know, are they going to cut it and put it towards a wall,’ I think it’s important that the wall is built,” she said. “For the greater good, you have to make sacrifices.”

Alcindor also asked the couple how Trump can relate to a family like theirs.

“He isn’t a politician,” Tammy said. “As rich as the man is, he can relate to the regular person. So I think we need more and more people like him.”

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