Obama administration border patrol leader Mark Morgan just said something that the Democrats certainly won’t like.

Morgan went against the Democrat Party’s effort to stop the construction of a wall at our border with Mexico.

He said he agrees with President Trump on building the wall and on doing everything we can to secure the border.

Morgan went as far as to say the southern border is a “national security and humanitarian crisis.”

He called the arguments being made against the border wall absurd. He said the language about border security from Trump was the exact same language used years before by Democrats.

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Morgan said, “It’s absurd, the arguments that are being made right now.”

He continued by claiming that the people coming across the border changed starting in 2014:

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“Meaning, we saw an influx in family units and unaccompanied minors. It was then, also, across the aisle on both sides that referred to that as a humanitarian crisis.”

Morgan confirmed the opinion of President Trump by saying the wall should be built:


Morgan also made the claim everyone else has been making that “nothing has changed” in strategy about how to handle the border for years. It’s been a hot potato because both parties have a reason for why they don’t want to border closed. Whether it’s the Republicans who want cheap labor or Democrats want votes, no one is budging.

The entire interview with Morgan is spot on:

Morgan wants to use all technology available and all border patrol agents available to protect the border. He believes they don’t solve the entire problem at the border. He says we need the wall too:

Morgan makes an interesting point on where the supposed facts from the left on illegal alien crime are coming from:

“We need to do it all, including the wall.”


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