It doesn’t matter how many times President Trump has shown himself to be a man of the people, a man of honor, or a man of principle, the media refuses to cover the truth about him. This story should be on every TV and in every news publication, but by now, we’ve come to expect that stories like these are usually buried by the anti-Trump media. Help us to spread this heartwarming story about how President Trump responded to an injured police officer who was a victim of a motorcycle accident while he was tasked with protecting the President on his trip to Indianapolis.

President Donald Trump delayed Air Force One’s departure from Indianapolis on Wednesday until after he was able to talk with a motorcycle officer who crashed in the motorcade to the airport.

This photo was taken immediately after Officer Robert Turner’s motorcycle accident.

Initial reports said Trump called the officer during the flight back to Washington, but the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police tweeted Thursday that the president delayed the flight.

The official Twitter of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shared this video of the officer’s reaction to President Trump’s call:

#BREAKING: Thank you @Potus for delaying wheels up to speak with injured Officer Turner. #ThankYou,” the tweet read.

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Robert Turner, a police officer from Indianapolis, broke an ankle in the fall on Interstate 70. A photographer captured the officer on the ground with his uniform ripped.

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Police released a cellphone video of Turner in the hospital taking the call from the president. He was wearing a neck brace, but laughed and appeared to be in good spirits.

The White House initially said Trump called during the flight back to Washington to check on the officer’s condition and thank him for his service. –FOX News


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