Wow! Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has nothing to say back to the radical anti-American ignoramus who makes several false claims during the one-sided discussion in the video below. If anyone thinks Buttigieg is a moderate, think again!

The man speaking and practically lying down at the same time is Rev. William Barber. He appeals to the low information voter in every way. He’s North Carolina’s version of Al Sharpton. One North Carolina resident had this to say about Mr. Barber:

“William “The Buffet Slayer” Barber has been an embarrassment to NC for decades, but the liberal media hacks here put him on a pedestal. He helps precisely zero people in “his community” just rolls around, making speeches about how racist everyone in NC is and taking “networking” trips at the expense of the NAACP while the media obligingly shoves a microphone under his double chins at every opportunity. He’s as ignorant and troublesome as they come, but you can’t convince the “Woke man” he’s less than a saint. I predict at some point in the future my tax dollars will go toward erecting a monument to this giant turd.”

One thing to note is that there is a faction of illegals and radicals who claim that they own the southern portion of the US and need to reclaim it.

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This man is no moderate if he nods along in agreement with the lies told in the video above!

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