President Trump and a glowing First Lady Melania Trump welcomed the French President Macron and his wife Brigitte to the White House tonight for a State Dinner. This will be the first official State Dinner for President Trump.


Pres. Trump and first lady Melania Trump greet the Macrons as France’s first couple arrives for the first state dinner of the Trump presidency.


The First Lady is wearing “Black Chantilly lace Chanel Haute Couture gown, hand painted with silver and embroidered with crystal and sequins,” per her office.

Breitbart News’ John Binder reports:

Mrs. Trump greeted French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte Macron, at the White House for the state dinner alongside President Trump, wearing the ultimate homage to Parisian luxury: A Chanel Haute Couture hand-painted gown dripping in sequins, crystals, and Chantilly lace.

The Chanel Haute Couture gown was shown on the Spring Haute Couture week runways in Paris, France originally as a jumpsuit with matching fingerless gloves.

Mrs. Trump’s rendition of the look — fitted and created by the fashion industry’s leading designer, Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld — features a calf-length of the beaded portion of the gown while the lace underlay drapes to the floor. The Chanel gown also has rounded pockets on the hips trimmed in crystals.

On Mrs. Trump’s feet are a pair of gunmetal stilettos by Christian Louboutin.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Macron wore a Louis Vuitton gown, a fashion house that she exclusively wears and has become known for carrying the brand’s latest handbags in her hands.


After months of preparations, and I are looking forward to hosting our first State Dinner with France! Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to make this visit a success.

CNN had a favorable description of preparations for the state dinner…Shocked!

So confident was Trump about her ability to handle something like a state dinner, with its myriad details, that the first lady would not hire an event planner to help, as previous first ladies have done in the past to manage the grandeur and spectacle.

For the Trump administration’s first state dinner, there will be none of the paparazzi element that has come with past state dinners; celebrity supporters of the President are harder to come by than they were for Obama.

“A smaller, more elegant event allows a guest to have a more personal experience, and that is very important to Mrs. Trump,” said Grisham, who confirmed the dinner will take place in the State Dining Room, which can hold about 100-150 seated guests.

“[The first lady] has a background in design, which played a major role in the décor throughout the State floor,” Grisham adds of Trump’s hands-on approach. “She has been very focused on the experience of the guests, and wants to ensure they are able to truly enjoy and remember the occasion. When you are invited to a dinner at the White House, it is very special to be able to sit in the State Dining Room. After all, this is the People’s house, which is rich with history and tradition.”

Current White House social secretary Rickie Niceta told CNN that Trump was aware the selection of the State Dining Room would limit the number of invitations, which could fuel criticism, but Trump “held firm” to the idea.”
Niceta added that part of her job on behalf of the first lady is to make sure guests “feel special and welcome from the moment they arrived to how they will be bid ‘goodnight.”

One person who didn’t give input on the night is the President.
“The President has been busy with his schedule. The first lady took all preparations for the state dinner under her own wing,” said Grisham.
Mrs. Trump has also been doing some homework, educating herself about the protocol and history of these sorts of White House events. This is to ensure her selections for the Macrons’ visit have meaning behind them, down to the china, flowers, color scheme and menu, which, while American, will highlight the influence France has had on American cuisine.

“Mrs. Trump selected every item and every detail for the dinner, from the entrée to the chair cushions,” said Niceta.
It’s an indicator that the first lady, who moved to Washington full time only last June, seems to have gotten the hang of running an operation as massive as the White House.
“She has a solid grasp on all of her roles, which include mother, wife and first lady of the United States, both public-facing with events and engagements and behind-the-scenes with the renovations and preservation efforts at the White House,” Grisham said.


“We are a close-knit team,” said Grisham.

They have lost at least three members — two operations and advance directors, and Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former Manhattan-based senior adviser to Trump. The first lady unceremoniously cut ties with Wolkoff in February after it was revealed Wolkoff’s events firm received more than $26 million for the work it did for the inauguration, a job unrelated to her duties for the first lady.

“We are currently at a staff of 10,” said Grisham. “The team is small, but mighty.”

“We are close-knit, we laugh lot,” Niceta adds. “We are family.”


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