Incredibly brave filmmakers are so important to expose what the mainstream media ignores or distorts.  Hats off to Andy C. Ngo for his work in telling the story of what really goes on in Portland when the Antifa anarchists converge on conservative groups. It’s unbelievably ugly but in the video below you’ll see that the conservative Proud Boys show great restraint when attacked. You can see that the young woman and her group are trying to get the conservatives to act out by spitting and punching. The Proud Boys don’t react and then the best part of the video is when the Portland police expertly extract the troublemaking young woman from the melee.

The video where the police swoop in is the second one down. The first video is of the radicals attacking people on the street.

The entire day was uploaded to YouTube by Andy N. Ngo:

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Please consider helping Andy out if you can. He’s doing the work that the mainstream media isn’t.

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