On the eve of President Trump’s one-year anniversary in office, Democrats in the Senate are threatening to shut down our government over a short-term spending bill that doesn’t afford protections for illegal aliens or DACA residents. Democrats are keenly aware of the importance of defending over 800,000 “dreamers” and their extended families in this fight, as they will need their votes for upcoming elections. They are so committed to defending illegal aliens, that they’re willing to put their allegiance to them over our active duty military members, who will go without pay if they force a government shut down.

Flashback to the 2013 government shut down:

Remember when the petulant Barack Obama spoke to Americans in 2013, to blame Republicans for the shut down of the government? The former president told Americans that the Republicans refused to fund the government “unless we defunded or dismantled the affordable care act”.  Barack told Americans: “They’ve shut down the government over an ideological crusade to deny affordable health insurance to millions of Americans. In other words, they demanded ransom just for doing their job”.

Obama explained how the shut down will hurt our economy. Barack went on to explain his decision to use veterans as pawns in his attempt to make Republicans pay for their decision to fight his unconstitutional act of forcing Americans to pay for healthcare. He explained why he would shut down all veteran war memorials: “Certain offices, along with every park and monument must be closed.”


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Our good friend, documentary filmmaker, and patriot, Dennis Michael Lynch, was there when a couple of Republican lawmakers cut the cables to document the chaos that ensued after Barack Obama’s regime ordered war memorials to be shut down, as a way to make Republicans look bad for fighting back against the implementation Obamacare. Veterans who had traveled from all over the country to visit the WWII memorial were frustrated when they arrived in Washington DC, only to find out they had been locked out of their own memorial.

When veterans organized a million man march to express their dissatisfaction with President Obama and his regime, and found barricades surrounding their war memorials, things escalated very quickly. Barack Obama’s decision to use veterans as pawns in his war against America backfired…spectacularly.

Dennis Michael Lynch captured the sentiment of veterans who ripped down Barack Obama’s barricades and dumped them off in front of the White House. They blamed Barack Obama for the shut down of veteran war memorials built in their honor:

Watch this powerful interview with Dennis Michael Lynch and then-Fox News host Megyn Kelly:

Even CNN had to admit that veterans blamed Barack Obama for shutting down the war memorials as a way to propagandize the shut down of the government. Of course, it was a natural instinct for the anti-military Barack Obama and the Democrats to use the veterans as part of a propaganda campaign.


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