Democrats have been flat out lying during the dog and pony show that is the House Intel Committee hearing on the whistleblower allegations against President Trump.

DNI Joseph Maguire has been testifying about the whistleblower allegations and it’s been constant spin.

Democrats have been doing their best to get anything they can on President Trump and that includes lying and omitting key points from the transcript of the phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President.

Watch the Chairman of the Intel Committee Adam Schiff completely make up lies about the contents of the call between Trump and the President of Ukraine.

He then goes on to say (video below) that it was just “parody”.

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Listen to Adam Schiff when he was called out on lying about what Trump said:

He says it was “parody”!

The testimony from the director of National Intelligence has been honest and forthright but Democrats are berating him to try and get him to say something to incriminate the president.

This is a circus!

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