Only moments ago, we reported about a decision by the Kyle Rittenhouse judge to ban MSNBC from the courthouse.

Townhall’s Julio Rosas reports- Judge Schroeder: Kenosha police reported someone followed the bus carrying the Rittenhouse jurors last night while claiming to work for MSNBC. It is under investigation. No one working for MSNBC will be allowed inside the courthouse for the duration of the trial.

Now, in a new video, Judge Schroeder explains how jurors are brought on a “sealed bus” to and from the courthouse. The judge then told the courtroom that last night, a man named James J. Morrison, who identified himself as a producer for MSNBC, went through a stop sign to keep up with the bus while tailing it. Morrison was pulled over and ticketed for his traffic violation. According to the judge, the MSNBC reporter was told to follow the bus by an MSNBC booking agent Irene Byon.

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Here’s a screenshot from a Linkedin account for Irene Byon. The Linkedin account lists Irene Byon as a “Booking News Producer” for NBC News:

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Judge Schroeder told the courtroom that “no one from MSNBC will be allowed in this courtroom for the duration of this trial.” He continued, “This is a very serious matte,r and I don’t know what the ultimate truth of it is, but absolutely, it would go without much thinking that someone who is following a jury bus—that is an extremely serious matter, and will be referred to the proper authorities for their action.”


Journalist Glenn Greenwald called out MSNBC for obstructing justice by trying to make the Rittenhouse jurors know the media is watching them and trying to reveal their identities as a way to pressure them into delivering the “right verdict.”


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