Turning Point USA CEO Charlie Kirk asked independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. which current or recent Supreme Court justice is closest to who he would appoint.

“One of the things as president, obviously, you get to appoint Supreme Court justices. And the Supreme Court is more important than ever as a check and balance,” Kirk said.

“Which current or recent Supreme Court justice is closest to your ideas or what you would appoint?” Kirk asked.

RFK Jr. stuttered and froze for several seconds before giving a surprising answer.

“I couldn’t answer that,” RFK Jr. replied.

“I would say I’m going to appoint judges who reflect my values,” he added.

“What are those values?” Kirk rebutted.

“Because President Trump has a list, to his credit, here are the 65 people. Would it be more like [Elena] Kagan or more like Clarence Thomas?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I wouldn’t answer that,” RFK Jr. answered.

Kirk pressed the presidential candidate to provide an answer to the important issue.

“But respectfully, you’re running for president. That’s a huge issue for voters, especially when it comes to Second Amendment rights, abortion,” Kirk said.

“I can tell you what my important issues for me are,” RFK Jr. replied.

“Free market capitalism, strong environmental protection, strong liberties, human rights, civil rights, bodily autonomy, skepticism toward big business,” he elaborated.

“But who’s your favorite Supreme Court justice ever?” Kirk questioned.


“Just one that you would say you think did a good job,” he added.

“Earl Warren,” RFK Jr. answered.

“Okay. So the Warren Court that got rid of prayer in public schools,” Kirk responded.

Watch the full clip:

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X users responded to the exchange:

Wait, Warren?

The “Warren Commission” Warren?

The “Warren Commission” Warren who, after personally supervising the interrogation of the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald, told the press it wouldn’t be publicly released in their lifetime.

Dude covered up his uncles’ assassination and that’s his favorite?


Daily Mail reports:

Kennedy, a prominent anti-vaxxer, originally launched a presidential bid in April from Boston as a Democrat, but in October announced he would run as an independent instead – another uphill climb as he’ll have to get access on each state’s 2024 general election ballot.

A member of the prominent Kennedy clan in Democratic politics, he’s the son of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of the late President John F. Kennedy.

With his positions on vaccinations and increasingly more conservative views on immigration, Kennedy has been able to peel voters away from both traditional parties and is currently polling at around 13 percent when other independent candidates – Jill Stein and Cornell West – are factored in.

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