Chris Cuomo comes at Sarah Sanders during an interview last night but loses to the always awesome Sarah! She’s flawless! She’s clearly unafraid to come right back at Cuomo and call him out on his distortions. Cuomo repeatedly tries to get Sanders to answer a question that’s a legal concern. Sanders responds:

“I answered this question on Monday. I answered it on Tuesday, and I’m going to answer it the same way today, and you’re probably not going to like it anymore. But this is a legal matter and the appropriate individuals to answer questions on a legal matter are the outside counsel. And I would direct you to them.”

Cuomo keeps pressing and Sanders responds: “I answered it and you don’t like the answer. There’s a big difference between me answering it and you not liking the answer.”

In the end, she comes off looking better and more credible than Cuomo and the Democrats! Cuomo is no match for Sarah!

“I’m very comfortable with my credibility, and the fact that I think by sitting here right now and taking questions from you shows the type of person I am. It shows my effort to provide information. And frankly, to be in an environment that’s not exactly friendly, that’s not exactly one that I think a lot of people in my position would come and sit in. And I think that speaks a lot to my credibility.”

Chris Cuomo made claim a claim about Sarah’s credibility during the “CUOMO PRIME TIME” show on CNN. He said that Sarah Sanders didn’t fully answer a question regarding the Trump Tower meeting. He asked if she had regrets about not answering…Cuomo then said, “I think it hurts your credibility…I think it hurts the dynamic.”

Sanders didn’t skip a beat when she answered by saying I’m “very comfortable with my credibility.”

ANOTHER GREAT MOMENT IN THE INTERVIEW: White House press secretary Sarah Sanders: “The Democrats no longer have a message… Democrats are gonna to have to decide at some point… that they hate this President more than they love this country”

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