When Keurig decided to side with Soros against Sean Hannity and Roy Moore’s right to defend himself against serious, and shady sex allegations, they released a genie that they’re not going to be able to put back in the bottle…


Three days ago, a Twitter user by the name of Angelo Carusone tried to shame Keurig for adverising on the Sean Hannity Show after Sean interviewed the Repbulican Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore, allowing him to tell his side of the story, after 4 women came forward 4 decades later to announce that he sexually abused them when they were teens. The stories of at least 2 of his accusers have been unraveling after non-mainstream media uncovered that one of the anti-Trump accusers worked for Hillary and openly promoted Moore’s Democrat opponent on her Facebook page. The mother of another accuser is challenging the truth behind the Washington Post’s hit story as well.

Curiously, the person who sent the tweet that Keurig responded to is none other than Angelo Carusone, the president of GEORGE SOROS’ Media Matters of America. Here is Carusone’s tweet to Keurig.

Hannity followers were quick to defend him, while calling for a boycott against Keurig:

Twitter users like Kaya, slammed Keurig for thir decision to pull their advertising from the Sean Hannity show:

Even actor James Woods got into the game of helping to boycott Keurig on social media with this hilarious tweet:


The best tweets, however, were the videos of Keurig owners destroying their coffed makers. Snoop Bailey’s video is absolutley hilarious! Sean Hannity loved it so much, he retweeted it.



Another conservative Twitter user, Colin Rugg posted a video of a Keurig Green Mountain coffee maker being dropped over the railing from the second story of a apratment building. The tweet was accompanied by a message asking Twitter users to retweet the video to “offend a liberal”.

“Liberals are offended by this video of a Keurig being thrown off of a building. Please retweet to offend a liberal.”


This video is hiarious, but comes with a ***Language Warning***. Black Rifle coffee company is a company dedicated to selling coffee that’s produced and sold by American veterans. “Fresh roasted freedom”. To order Black Rifle coffee, go HERE :


Here’s another great video (Rap song accompanying video has language warning):


Sean Hannity loved the videos so much, that he’s buying 500 Keurig coffed makers for his followers to


Apparently, Green Mountain Coffee (Keurig) is a top corporate sponsor to Senator Bernie Sanders:


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