John McCain really doesn’t care what topic reporters ask him about, he only cares how President Trump feels about it, so he can take an opposing view.  If President Trump agrees with a social or political issue, McCain disagrees with it. If Trump disagrees, McCain thinks it’s a great idea.

The cantankerous John McCain has become so predictable, it’s almost laughable to hear his opinions anymore.  He’s become an embarrassment to the Republican Party but refuses to give up the R behind his name to save the party of the humiliation of his antics.

McCain’s latest embarrassing interview happened today when TMZ caught up with him to ask him his thoughts on the NFL players taking a knee in a show of disrespect for our flag, as a way to support the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement.  Instead of standing up our flag, or for his fellow veterans and the country he once fought so valiantly for, McCain took the cowardly way out and made a statement supporting the NFL player’s right to disrespect our flag. Not surprisingly, McCain’s remarks stood in contrast to strong admonition President Trump had for the disrespectful athletes in the NFL.


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