Wow! Capitol Hill is apparently being run by CAIR operatives who are connected to our new Muslim Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ulhan Omar. If you have any question whether D.C. has been infiltrated by Muslim radicals, this is your answer:

The video below is shocking and is a clear warning that opposition is not allowed by the CAIR bullies who actively block journalist Asra Q. Nomani from entering Tlaib’s office after being directed to do so by Muslim activist Linda Sarsour:

Is this America or Iran?

Asra Q. Momani tweeted out the video with a question to Nancy Pelosi:

Dear SpeakerPelosi,

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I’m a journalist. In 2002, militants killed Danny Pearl after my pal left my home in Karachi. His last words: “I am a Jew.”

Last week, I reported on CAIR and Linda Sarsour lobbying for Ilhan Omar. Here is what happened.

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What do you see?

Translation of what Sarsour said to her bullies: “Don’t let her be one of the first ones in. Do you all hear me? (Speaking to the woman) Come stand here. Don’t let her be one of the first ones in.”

In my video, you can hear Linda Sarsour’s order to her CAIR-affiliated aides, as well as their taunting. In the CAIR video, you can see their clearly aggressive body blocking. From any angle, it’s wrong.

The people doing the aggressive body blocking have been identified as all with CAIR (Council on Islamic Relations):

Who’s who:

1)Women in green headscarf: Linda Sarsour, MPower Change, Women’s March

2)Woman in trench coat, who stages photo shoot: Ahmed Bedier, fmr CAIR FL, United Voices for America

3)The balding man: Nihad Awad, CAIR

4)snickering taunts me: Robert McCaw, CAIR govt relations

CAIR Connecticut connected to Sen. Blumenthal:

Our politicians have sold out to people like this who support terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.

That this could happen in 2019 in America is scary, and if we don’t stop it now, we will forever regret it.

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