Biden also refers to Michelle Obama (or maybe Jill Biden) as the former Vice President

Biden is an unfit gaffe machine. During the commissioning ceremony of the USS Delaware Saturday, he managed to not only refer to Michelle Obama (or possibly Jill Biden) as Vice President, but to fall asleep while standing up. Truly impressive stuff.

Joe and Jill Biden at the USS Delaware Commissioning Ceremony

From the Gateway Pundit:

Biden bungled his speech and referred to Michelle Obama (or Jill Biden?) as “Vice President.”

“I’m deeply proud of the work [Jill is] doing as first lady with Joining Forces initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she was vice president,” Biden said.

From context it is hard to determine whether he was referring to Michelle or to Jill as VP, but I’m pretty sure that neither one ever served in that capacity.

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Below is the video in which Biden appears to have fallen asleep.

Eyes closed, open mouth snoring “breathing.” Yep, definitely at attention.

Here, we see Biden looking particularly confused as the ceremony concludes.

That Joe Biden probably has dementia, and has had it since before he even campaigned, is a reasonable assumption. 2022 alone has seen him going off script to make unhinged and dangerous remarks, and eating pizza like an animal.

Now he once again falls asleep during a public event, and he looks so confused that it’s doubtful he even knows where he is or what office he occupies. Who even knows what he’ll do next.

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