Taxpayer-funded refugee resettlement contractors are fighting for their lives as their budgets shrink under President Trump. It’s no secret that under the 8 years of Obama, we were flooded with thousands upon thousands of mostly Muslim refugees from the Middle East. These so-called “refugees” who are actually mostly economic migrants, are placed in towns all across the US without warning and without the permission of the citizens in the community.

The ironic thing is that the biggest resettlement agency is the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. They receive millions and millions of dollars each year and get paid by the head for each third-world refugee they plant in your town:

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees into your towns and cities and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  Yearly compensations for the heads of these organizations range from a low of $132,000 to a high of $671,749.

The most recent accounting is here.  However, please see that Nayla Rush at the Center for Immigration Studies has done an update of their income!

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It is no surprise that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops—the largest resettlement agency of the nine NGOs hired by the US State Department  to place refugees in your towns and cities, is launching this campaign directed at Donald Trump:

From International Catholic Migration Commission:

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is advocating for an increase in the number of refugees to be resettled in the country during the fiscal year 2019.

The bishops are inviting Catholics who are U.S. citizens to sign a petition to the President asking that “at least 75,000 refugees” be resettled during the next fiscal year. They also suggest organizing meetings with their local elected officials to move the issue forward.

The advocacy campaign precedes the Presidential Determination expected by 30 September, which will set the target number of refugees allowed into the country between October 2018 and September 2019. During the last fiscal year, this number was a record low of 45,000, with the actual number of resettled refugees falling short of the target by about half, the lowest figure since the implementation of the Refugee Act in 1980. 


We’re asking that you contact President Trump and tell him what you think about this program: THE WHITE HOUSE


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