Wow! These women define what it is to be downright nasty and unhinged. The View continues to be a disgusting excuse for a TV talk show. It resembles a hen pecking where the hens just peck, peck, peck something to death.

Queen Hen Joy Behar kicked-off a conversation on Sarah Sanders and others by asking if there was any use in attempting to “shame members of the Trump administration” since they appeared to be “shameless.” Behar continued, “This Nielsen person (DHS Secretary Nielsen), Sarah Sanders, I don’t know…these people they actually are shameless…So what’s the point of trying to shame them?”


Sunny Hostin just defended the terrible treatment of Sarah Sanders at a Lexington, Virginia restaurant. She argued there were “consequences” for those who chose to serve in the Trump administration.

Hostin and her fellow co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” were discussing the decision of the Red Hen restaurant owner to deny Sanders service on the basis that she worked for an “inhumane and unethical” president.

These women kept on until Meghan McCain stepped in with a reality check…

Meghan McCain challenged Hostin by asking if she would go to dinner with McCain’s conservative friends…Typical liberal, Hostin said she didn’t know. That’s how hostile the left has become. Crazy!


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