So it begins…the suing of Americans who don’t agree with Obama’s dangerous decree that allows men to use the little girl’s room at will. Will the first little girl who is raped in the Target bathroom receive the same media attention and compassion as this MAN will get from leftist LGBT agitators and progressive pigs of America? 

D.C. police have charged a security guard at a Giant grocery store with simple assault after a transgender woman said the guard forced her out of the women’s restroom.
Ebony Belcher, 32, said she went to the Giant in northeast D.C. with a friend to pick up a delivery from the Western Union.

While at the Giant, she asked a store employee to point her to the restroom and passed a female security officer standing in the hallway.
The officer came into the restroom and told her to get out, according to Belcher. Via: NBCWashington

Almost as disturbing as the transvestite who is eagerly using the little girls room (even though his genitals clearly show he is a male and should be using the bathroom with urinals), is Jackie Bensen, the woman reporting for News 4. Instead of reporting about a man who was invading the private space of women, she instead, chooses to behave as though she’s just been exposed to a gruesome murder scene.

smug transsexual reporter

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We agree with the brilliant commentary on this issue by Rick Wells:

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Did the whole US sign up for some kind of voluntary brainwashing or mind control exercise without inviting me? As a similarly perplexed comedic genius once put it satirically, “What in the wide wide world of sports is a goin on here?” Now life has become stranger than fiction.

The reporting and hand wringing would and should be laughable if it weren’t so seriously deranged. Words have meaning and pronouns are words – he is for boys, those with “outie plumbing;” she is for girls, the ones with “innie plumbing.” It’s no more complicated than that or at least there’s no reason for it to be. Despite claims to the contrary, clothes do not make the man or the woman. 

The female reporter joins in, describing the bathroom user as a “transgender woman,” and using the female pronouns for the man. You mean the mentally unstable man dressed up as a woman who is lurking in about in the ladies’ room, don’t you, Miss liberal news reader? And aren’t you being quite disingenuous? Wouldn’t you want a pervert lurking around as you were taking care of your own private business to be redirected if you had been in that situation?

According to the on the scene reporter, rather than thanking the security officer for protecting the space and the privacy of the real women from perverts pretending to be women, possible “hate crime” charges are being considered. That’s good, make an example of this hero who stood up to the liberal bullying and turn women’s rooms across America into pervert lounges. That’s what the Marxists want, along with the complete emasculation of the American male population and manning-up of the girls.

The reporter calls the pervert a “transgender woman” multiple times, misreporting the events. She says it was a “deeply humiliating” experience for the dude looks like a lady, which it should have been. Anywhere that man goes dressed up like a girl he should be embarrassed, it’s abnormal.

Even more embarrassing should be the fact that when he’s dressed up like a girl he looks like a clone of another suspected transsexual, Michelle Obama. He’s the spitting image right down to the overabundant teeth in his mouth and the freshly weed-whacked hairdo.

transsexual friend

His friend, identified as Earline “Bud” in the report, is another of the men parading as a woman though his size clearly restricts him to the handicapped stall of any facility he uses. He claims he couldn’t believe that his friend was told he had to go to the proper restroom. Yeah, pretty unbelievable isn’t it?

For entire commentary click here: Rick Wells 

GIANT store’s response:

bathroom confrontation transgender


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