The Hill published an article today about a Trump supporter who shredded a Mexican flag that was allegedly dropped out of the window of a car of anti-Trump protesters in California. Twitter users came after The Hill for their leftist propaganda style coverage of the event, while allegedly ignoring the multiple incidents of anti-Trump illegal aliens who’ve burned the American flag in the United States of America.

From The Hill-  A pro-Trump protester on Tuesday shredded a Mexican flag while others watched — some cheering, others trying to intervene to stop him — during the president’s visit to the U.S.-Mexico border in California. 

Trump supporters were gathered in Otay Mesa when a protester accidentally dropped a Mexican flag from a passing car, KTLA reported. 

A man in a Trump hat and shirt reportedly said “F— Mexico, this is America” as he shredded the Mexican flag with a pocket knife. 

Here’s the Twitter video of the incident The Hill posted in their article from a Fox5 San Diego reporter explaining his side of what happened: “Trump supporters snatch Mexican flag from passing car and then did this.

The Hill also tweeted their story about the incident with the video:

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Crowds around him chanted “USA” while one man yelled, “They burn our flag in our country, burn theirs in ours,” KTLA reported. 

The move didn’t sit well with other Trump supporters in the crowd, however, and at least two of them tried to intervene, according to the news outlet.

Two women, including one, draped in a “Make America Great Again” flag, stopped the man from setting the flag on fire.

Not unexpectantly, the left, who has no problem with the burning of the American flag, attacked the Trumps supporter for daring to cut up the Mexican flag that was dropped to the ground by a protester.

Rita Barbato told The Hill that she was present at the event and that they were telling a very different story from what actually happened: “I was there the protesters instigated the whole incident protesters drove their car into Trump supporters waving the Mexican flag and endangering trump supporters instigated the incident but no one will report the truth.”

Many Americans on Twitter were upset that The Hill bothered to make a big deal about the Trump supporter cutting up the Mexican flag while ignoring illegals who burn our flag in the US:

This Twitter user made a joke about the Trump supporter “taking a knee” while he cut up the Mexican flag:

As usual, the left responded with threats of violence against the Trump supporter. Here are just a few of their responses to the video.

Carlos Castro would have “punched him in the face”.

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