President Trump held a joint press conference with the Polish President today. President Duda had a surprise for President Trump…Watch his face…priceless!

The entire speech is below:

At about the 1:15 point the Polish President Andrzej Duda says he wants the US to have a permanent base in Poland and they would name it Fort Trump. The expression and smile on President Trump’s face is classic!

President Duda:

“I would like to invite you, Mr. President, to post more American troops in Poland. The presence of the United States is a guarantor of security in our part of Europe.”

“I am convinced this cooperation between Poland and the United States will go on smoothly. I was smiling when talking to Mr. President, I said that I’d very much like for us to set up a permanent American base in Poland, which we would call Fort Trump, and I firmly believe that this is possible”

“Such a decision lies both in the Polish interest as well as in the interest of the United States.”

Poland has expressed a need for increased U.S. military presence because of the increased Russian military activity in the area.

The president also took questions from the press during the visit by the Polish President. Most questions were regarding the Kavanaugh confirmation:

President Trump took a moment to comment on the Kavanaugh case today during a presser with the President of Poland. He took a few questions from the press about the delay on a vote on Kavanaugh and how he feels about what the Democrats have done…he didn’t hold back.

“We are looking to get this done as quickly as possible”

“He’s a truly outstanding person. As you know he’s got an unblemished record. This is a terrible thing that took place. And frankly, a terrible thing, this information that wasn’t given to us a long time ago, months ago when they got it.”

“They could have done that until waiting until everything is finished and then all of the sudden spring it. But that’s what the Democrats do. That’s what they do. It’s obstruction. It’s resist. It’s whatever you have to do.”

With all of that being said, it’s a process…and we all feel speaking for all of the Republicans we feel that we want to go through this process and we want to give everybody a chance to say what they have to say. So we have time available…we will delay the process until it’s finished out. I can tell you this…that Judge Kavanaugh is anxious to do it. I don’t know about the other party but Judge Kavanaugh is very anxious to do it. And a delay is certainly acceptable…

President Trump then calls out Senator Feinstein by saying Judge Kavanaugh was sitting in her office for “a long time” and she said nothing…

This is a shameful attempt to use allegations to prolong the process…


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