Imagine you’re just driving down the street or you’re at a red light and out of nowhere, a woman starts smashing the windows of a bus and hits the driver with her car! What do you do? Well in 2018 everyone takes their cell phone out to record what’s going on, then they post it on social media for all of us to see. That’s exactly what happened when a woman in DC got out of her car, took a tool out of her trunk, and then smashed windows on a bus that was behind her. It’s a good thing that the unhinged attack was caught on camera as it has helped police identify the attacker.

A witness told reporters that the bus and the car were in a minor accident. It appears as though the driver of the car tried to pass the bus, but then they sideswiped each other (I do not know who is at fault). The bus driver reportedly exited his vehicle in an attempt to stop the woman in her car from driving away and leaving the scene of an accident. He likely wanted to report the incident and exchange driver information, especially since he’s on the job and probably required to report said incidents. That’s when it appears that the woman possibly hit the driver with her car (according to witnesses), then she extended her road rage by attacking the bus with the tire jack item. The woman’s reaction was to get out of the car and hit some of the bus windows near the driver seat, causing them to break.

The DC Police stated on Twitter: “We have identified the suspect involved in this incident that occurred in the 1800 block of Bladensburg Road, NE on 8/30. The incident was captured on a cell phone video and can be seen below. This case remains under investigation. #DCPolice #HereToHelp”

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Fox 10 reported: “The woman was attempting to pass a Greyhound bus when she side-swiped it, according to witnesses. The suspect became irate when the driver the bus attempted to stop her from driving off, witnesses said.”

The driver suffered just minor injuries and was able to continue driving his route after the road rage incident. Of course, he was missing a window or two.

Thankfully the police have identified this person who became unhinged and displayed violent behavior during her attack on another motorist.

Justice will be served.

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