Is Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee ok with Drag Queens turning ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ into a Drag Show with kids even tipping the Drag Queens?

The video below was recorded in her district in Houston, Texas raising questions about why parents are allowing their children to be exposed to this abhorrent behavior.

The kids in the video below are all sitting behind the gyrating Drag Queen and then walk up to give a tip!

What are these parents thinking?

This is (D) Sheila Jackson Lee’s District in Houston TX. The public library in Jackson Lee’s district allows ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ w/ predators who have been charged w/ ‘Sexual Assault of Minors’ to spend time with kids and strip dance for money.

With the news that a convicted child rapist Drag Queen was participating in the story time in Houston, more questions are being raised on why parents and public libraries across the country are supporting ‘Drag Queen Story Time.’

Is the need to be accepting of others overtaking any parental reasoning these people had? Diversity is one thing, but this is entirely different.

We’d like to know what you think about ‘Drag Queen Story Time.’ It’s been controversial in many cities but continues to spread across the country.

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