Joe Biden has been vigorously putting  America last by dismantling President Donald Trump’s America First agenda one executive order at a time.  But the grassroots America First movement is only gaining more momentum.  In fact, there was an America First convention, this weekend as CPAC is going on.  And, this year, major speakers are finally focusing America’s attention on it, despite the GOP being run by anti-American pro-CCP operatives like Mitch McConnell.

One prominent figure who seems to now be holding the torch for America First is former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.  He spoke at CPAC this weekend and gave a powerful speech highlighting much of what the America First movement stands for.

The most important lines in that speech when he highlighted the America First Movement:

America first is right for America.  It’s right for each of us.  America first secures our freedom.  And the entire world benefits when America is fearless and bold and strong” he said in a speech that touched on “the woke cancel culture” and “freedoms slipping away” as well as the jobs successes and pre-covid economy under President Trump’s America First policies.  One thing Pompeo also focused on was American energy jobs that were increased under Trump that are being to China under Joe Biden.  Of note is the Keystone Pipeline.  Joe Biden destroyed 10,000 jobs instantly, earlier this month when he cancelled it.

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“We must be bold,” said Pompeo “and always put America first!”

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However, perhaps the greatest focus of Pompeo during his America First rhetoric was Pompeo’s focus on the Trump Administration’s ability to secure vital peace through strength rather than craven appeasement of our enemies.

Weakness begets war.” said Pompeo.

After decades of failed attempts since WWII to forge peace in The Middle East, Trump’s administration was able to secure it throughout most of the region without any wars within just one term as president.

Pompeo said to his audience, “We were told ‘You can’t secure peace in the region–in the Middle East between Arab nations and Israel, without buying off Palestinian kleptocrats. You’ll create WWIII!’ Well, we did. The Abraham [Peace] Accords forged a real peace in the Middle East”

Not only did Trump’s America First policies benefit people directly in America, the lives and wealth of countless Americans was saved by not entangling America in more foreign wars, bad trade deals, or kleptocracies.

“We all want clean air and safe drinking water, but the Paris agreement was a fantasy for elite diplomats who just want to virtue signal.  When President Biden reentered this deal, I can tell you that Xi Jinping was smiling every single minute.  And the American workers lost.”

Globalist establishment foreign policy insisted that you can never stop appeasing amoral tyrannical dictators in The Middle East if you want to prevent a world war.  But Trump and Pompeo knew this to be false.

“We were told ‘You can’t sanction the ayatollah in Iran.  And you can’t stop sending palettes of cash to the leadership.  There’ll be a war!’  Well, we did and there was no war.”

“We were told you can’t move the US embassy to Jerusalem. Well, we did and there was not a war.”

You can hear Pompeo’s entire speech, below:

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