As Biden attempts to address problems at the Mexican border that have been plaguing his administration since day one, a new development has surfaced that could harm his image with moderates and Republicans further.

This week, the Biden administration announced that they would be sending high ranking officials to Mexico to negotiate with Mexican President Lopez Obrador in an attempt to beg the Mexican President to clamp down on migration rather than negotiate with Republicans.

“Everything revolves around getting the Mexican government to do targeted operations” against the cartels’ migration business, one U.S. official told the Washington Post.

Advocates for restricting immigration say that Biden is making a desperate plea to a foreign leader instead of using the tools that are legally at his disposal to stem the unprecedented crisis.

Biden’s problem is that he “is refusing to enforce immigration law,” Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, noted, adding, “The [migration] numbers are unprecedented. The legacy media is starting to notice. … [So Biden] is begging Mexico for help to fix the problem instead of just using the [legal] tools he has to fix the problem right now.”


Meanwhile, the Senate has been working on a package to address the migration crisis that was bundled with aid to Ukraine and Israel.

Republicans unanimously voted against the package, arguing that the bills should be separate since America should prioritize securing its own borders over aid to foreign countries

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-Ny.), seeming more concerned about Ukraine aid than securing the borders, said that the vote was a ‘moment history will record.’

“This is a moment history will record. … Vladimir Putin is watching closely to see if the Senate will approve [aid] to Ukraine. Whether or not we approve an aid package will likely sway the outcome of the war.” Said Schumer.

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