Week #13 of NFL hell continues with more empty stadiums, and lots of former fans finding something better to do with their time. Are NFL owners now wishing they put their collective feet down, and demanded their players discontinue the public display of disrespect for our flag, as a way to bring attention to a Black Lives Matter, cop-hating movement?

Here are just a few examples of the empty or mostly empty NFL stands across America today:

The stands appear to be mostly empty for the Atlanta Falcons V. Minnesota Vikings game, in what NFL fans were calling the biggest game of the week on Twitter.

Here’s another shot of the empty seats at the Atlanta vs. Minnesota game in Atlanta:

It appears as though Jacksonville fans found something better to do than watch the Indiana vs. Jacksonville matchup.

Here’s a close up of the empty seats in Jacksonville:

Meanwhile, back in the Midwest, a lot of empty seats can be found again this week in Chicago’s Soldier Field, that is usually a sold out venue:

Here’s a close up of the empty seats in the upper deck at the Bears game:

The north end zone doesn’t look any better:

The Buffalo Bills played the NE Patriots, 2017 Superbowl championship team, and former NFL fans didn’t seem to care enough to show up and watch the game :


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