There was recently yet another climate summit by world leaders.  At the summit, adolescent grand-standing by teenage activists was treated like a legitimate basis for multi-trillion dollar authoritarian globalist policies.  These policies would completely change the entire economies and societies of every country on earth.

Sky News host Chris Kenny eviscerates the absurdity of the latest climate summit which endorsed a radical teenage girl as an expert on climate change

Luckily, Chris Kenny of Sky News wasn’t having any of it as he critiqued a climate summit panel that included a New York based Mexican teenager talking about about how harmful the West is.

“Welcome to the loopy-left era of Joe Biden, where climate policy is about existential alarmism.” said Chris “This is not fact-based.  This is fear mongering.”

This came after a long diatribe from the emotional authoritarian teenage climate panel member said things like this:

“We demand that you stop any new fossil fuel infrastructure and existing fossil fuel extraction including pipelines.  We demand comprehensive non-Eurocentric and intersectional climate education including   literacy on climate justice, environmental racism, ancestral and indigenous wisdom, historical movements, disability justice, green careers, and sustainable living.  We demand that you stop systematically targeting the global south and black and brown and indigenous communities through environmental plunder the exploitation of our lands and neoliberal policies.  We demand to get to net zero emissions by 2030 not net zero by 2050.”

Chris summed it all up with this statement:

“You won’t make any progress” by “listening to emotional anti-capitalist anti-West rants from teenagers.  That’s just a pathetic attempt to appeal to hysterical media and frightened voters.”

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