Joe Biden is retracting his prior call for Mexican immigrants to come to the U.S. and “surge the border” amidst an influx of Mexican immigrants that is, according to Homeland Security, worse than we have witnessed in 20 years.

During his campaign, Biden promised to counter Trump’s strict immigration policies, telling migrants to “immediately surge the border… if you wanna flee, and you’re fleeing oppression, you should come”. However, when met with backlash from Republicans due to the escalation of illegal border crossings, Biden quickly denied ever saying anything to this effect.

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Biden seems to be finding it difficult to maintain his welcoming stance towards immigrants now that he is the one in office, telling them: “don’t come over… don’t leave your city, or town, or community”.

To not even recall one of the most prominent aspects of his campaign is as unsettling as it is asinine.

Whether he remembers or not, Biden did in fact encourage Mexican immigrants to come over to the U.S., but it is these types of unrealistic ideals that the Left was constantly criticizing Trump for not pursuing. In reality, opening our borders to anyone and everyone is not feasible regardless of how ‘accepting’ we want to seem to the rest of the world. This is something that Biden played on in his campaign, knowing full well that Trump could not concede, thus making him seem like more of an enemy and a racist to the Left.

Now the issue that Biden’s administration is faced with is the thousands of children being held in camps at the border, without enough space to care for all of them, nor with the resources to properly relocate them.

The bottom line is, Biden better take a page out of Trump’s book and start ramping up border security and take a firm stance against the present flood of immigrants in order to suppress the crisis that is happening at the border.

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