We don’t know exactly how old she is, but one thing is clear—this young lady is wise beyond her years.

If only 30% of our youth in America had the same passion and courage to speak up and speak out on actual current issues facing America, it would destroy any chance our high schools and college campuses have of turning out an entire generation of socialists.

Mahgdalen Rose, the young woman featured in the video below has some pretty sound advice for President Trump about how he should be handling negotiations with Democrat leaders on the funding of the wall. She also has some pretty stellar ideas about how he should be handling the response to the media.

Rose starts out her video by revealing that she has some advice for President Trump on how he can “win the political and media war over the border wall.”

Rose points out that President Trump needs to remember that he is in a position of relative strength.

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She starts out by saying that Democrat leaders, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made fools of themselves with their rebuttal to his address to the nation on the border crisis earlier this week. She suggests that they have made themselves the laughing stock of the public, and have destroyed their credibility with middle America.

Mahgdalen also told President Trump that he needs to respond to every “stunt” by the Democrats, “who don’t play by the rules” with an “even more emotional stunt.” Rose gave President Trump examples, “Like when they had this press conference with the federal employees that were affected by the shutdown, with an even more emotionally stunning stunt.” She continued, ” So he has to have a press conference with the Angel Moms, and the families of border patrol who have been affected when their relatives have been killed.” She continued, “If Chuck and Nancy tour a migrant camp, he needs to has to have a roundtable discussion with the DACA kids who’ve been abandoned by the Democrats—Make sure to hit that.”

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She warns President Trump to stay away from mainstream interviews. She calls his interviews with them a “distraction,” saying it will “go poorly for him.”

Rose advises him to get more people, who are on his side, to get out in front of cameras and show their support for his wall: “He needs to utilize the people from his administration who aren’t normally out there, like Ben Carson or Rick Perry.” She suggests that “anyone with name recognition, who can articulate the crisis on the southern border” needs to get out and publicly support his agenda.

Rose claims President Trump needs to “localize” the issue of border security, suggesting if he can reignite local interest in the wall, Democrats will be forced to cave.

Finally, she reminds Trump that he needs to call in his “political capital” and get politicians Trump helped to get elected, like Florida’s new governor, Ron DeSantis out in front of the media, showing their support for his wall.

Watch this brilliant young American reveal her strategy that she claims will help President Trump to defeat the Democrats in the war for our border wall.

You’re gonna love her!

Look for this young lady to sitting in the Oval Office some day.

What do you think? Do you agree with her advice to President Trump? We’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

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