What’s wrong with Pelosi? Nancy Pelosi is supposed to be the Democrat’s leader in the House but she can’t complete a thought!
She held her daily presser to discuss the budget and how mean President Trump is for cutting entitlements like SNAP. Food stamps are so abused and have been for decades. You’d think she’d want some new ideas. She seems flustered and angry during the comments about the budget cuts.

She’s probably mostly angry that her iron grip on Congress is slipping.

We have numerous examples of Minority Leader Pelosi stammering and losing her train of thought. Is it time for new leadership? You betcha… but will the Dems dump Nancy for new blood?


Oh Lordy! Nancy is losing it! The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to prevent the sunlight from shining on the corruption within their party and within the intel agencies. In the short clip below, Pelosi calls the memo release a “cover-up” by the Republicans. That’s pretty funny since the Republicans have been trying for over a year to get information from the Democrats and intel agencies involved in the cover-up of the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Pelosi has repeatedly called President Trump by the wrong name. She just recently called Intel Chair Devin Nunes “Dennis”:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was on with Chris Cuomo and was pretty rattled. She pulled out all the stops on this even telling Chris Cuomo he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. She also just called Devin Nunes “Dennis” and then dropped this big fat whopper: “They have made up a memo that isn’t even true and they are lying to the American people”

“Dennis”? Chris Cuomo probably felt like a nursing home orderly…

We honestly can’t keep track of the gaffes from Pelosi.

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