Persecution of Christians is rampant yet you hear NOTHING about it! This is horrible! “Nonbelievers” of Islam are killed, tortured and used as sex slaves. It’s time to question why there are so few if not any Christians being resettled in America while we have thousands of Muslims coming this year alone:

 According to a study thousands of Christians who have fled from Syria and Iraq are exposed to violence and threats in German asylum centres. Security staff and Muslim refugees are said to be responsible for the attacks.

Several human rights organisations have complained of continuous violence against Christians and members of other religious minorities in German refugee centres. Markus Rode from “Open Doors”, an international aid organisation for persecuted Christians, spoke of a climate of “fear and panic” during the presentation of a survey on Monday.
In the study the human rights activists document 231 cases from Germany, ranging from discrimination to assault to sexual attacks and death threats. According to Rode, “this is only the tip of the iceberg”. He is asking politicians to act.
The 231 refugees surveyed came mainly from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria; 199 were converts. 204 said they had been attacked by other refugees for religious reasons. Around half complained of persecution by security staff; in Berlin it was two-thirds.
The Berlin evangelical pastor Pfarrer Gottfried Martens, who is actively involved in refugee aid, said he was “stunned that people are clinging to the paradigm of the isolated incident”. Volker Baumann from the Action for Persecuted Christians estimates that up to 40,000 refugees have been harassed in Germany due to their religious conviction.
At the press conference, the Syrian refugee Fadi S. said he was “shocked” that he had fled from Muslim fundamentalists and now was meeting them again in the refugee centre. The Iranian Ramin F. reports of provocations, mockery and death threats in a Brandenburg home.
The organisations estimate that the German legal authorities are overwhelmed by the situation. Refugees could only file complaints if they were immediately taken out of the asylum centres, according to Martens. Complaints are usually followed by counter-complaints. It is therefore scarcely possible to acquire clear proof. Most refugees don’t bother filing complaints to avoid making their situation worse.
The aid workers asked that the religious affiliation of refugees be registered when their were first received. The proportion of Christians or other religious minorities should be as large as that of Muslims. They asked for separate accommodation for victims of persecution and discrimination.

Karl Hafen from the International Society of Human Rights called for more non-Muslim translators. Furthermore, the number of non-Muslim security staff should be increased, the organisations continued. Employees and security staff should be regularly trained. Finally, they called for trusted contact persons of Christian faith to whom the affected persons could turn.
Via: FAZ

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