If not for some of the key lawyers and reporters who’ve been seeking the truth, we wouldn’t know half of the dirt that we no know about the corruption within our intel agencies.

Two key people in this search for truth are Joe diGenova and his wife Victoria Toensing.

Last night, Sean Hannity aired a show with this amazing couple and others who have been investigating Russiagate from the beginning.

Toesning said one thing that is key to why the Democrats are freaking out about AG Barr’s investigation:

Former Deputy Assistant AG Victoria Toensing: There Is Evidence Obama Administration FISA Abuse Started As Early As 2012

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The entire Hannity show from last night:


The video is a must watch for anyone who doesn’t understand just how serious this whole thing has become. It’s bouncing back to Obama and others but the key players are in our corrupt intel agencies.

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