Is it any surprise that First Lady Melania Trump is knocking it out of the park with her stunning fashion choices and cheerful demeanor? Americans know what a chic woman she is even though the fashion elite refuses to acknowledge her incredible sense of style. Hello Vogue! Hello Harper’s Bazaar!

Even though the liberal-leaning fashion magazines ignore her, Americans know she’s got great taste and a flare for fashion. If they were smart, they’d be all over her like they were when Michelle Obama was first lady. You couldn’t pass a magazine stand without seeing several covers with Michelle on them. Readership would skyrocket if Melania was on the cover of one of these magazines but it really isn’t about promoting fashion then, is it? It’s gotten political…Vogue Editor in Chief Anna Wintour even hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign. It’s their loss! Shame on them!

The first lady was seen wearing a fit-and-flair Calvin Klein navy dress with detail at the neck.  She was seen chatting and laughing it up with the French First Lady. Both ladies looked very chic:

The incredible Elie Saab fit-and-flare dress she wore to the cocktail party during a NATO summit event is stunning.

The tulle detail and embroidery is what makes this  cocktail dress a budget buster at a cost of over $7K! At that price, the dress is almost sold out on the Neiman Marcus website:


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