The same people who are using faulty tests to hype “rising” covid numbers to justify lockdowns, mask mandates, and a return to life-abnormal, are simultaneously instructing others to downplay (ie. lie about) an actual outbreak of the very virus they’d normally cite as a reason to strip away our freedoms.

You’ll understand their motives when you learn that the surge is happening among the near million untested, unvetted, unvaccinated, and undocumented migrants that Democrats are flooding the country with.

Two whistleblowers have accused the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) of directing them to downplay the severity of a coronavirus outbreak among migrant children at the Fort Bliss juvenile migrant facility in Texas.

Arthur Pearlstein, a director at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, and Lauren Reinhold, an attorney-adviser at the Social Security Administration, came forward with their allegations on Wednesday, in a complaint sent to four Congressional committees and government watchdogs.

The outbreak they were told to downplay erupted at the Fort Bliss Emergency Intake Site, near El Paso, TX, between this past April and June, where, according to the report, COVID-19 cases ran rampant with ‘hundreds of children contracting the disease in overcrowded conditions which eventually spread to many employees’.

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‘Every effort was made to downplay the degree of COVID infection at the site, and the size of the outbreak was deliberately kept under wraps,’ Pearlstein and Reinhold wrote in the report.

The Daily Mail  reports, Pearlstein and Reinhold described themselves as ‘career federal civil servants’ and ‘whistleblowers’ who ‘served as volunteer detailees at the Fort Bliss Emergency Intake Site from April through June 2021.’

Their report details how there was concern for the children in the tents known to contain coronavirus who were wearing basic disposable masks instead of N95 masks.

‘Adequate masks were not consistently provided to children, nor was their use consistently enforced,’ it states.

A manager justified such use as being ‘unnecessary for the infected’ despite uninfected staff working alongside the children.

 The report references a town hall question and answer session with detailees where a senior US Public Health Service manager, when asked about the virus, refused to disclose how many infections were present fearing the media would instead be focused on the facility and its outbreak.

‘If that graph [of infections] is going to The Washington Post every day, it’s the only thing we’ll be dealing with and politics will take over, perception will take over, and we’re about reality, not perception,’ the manager is alleged to have said.

According to a recent court filing, there were 327 children in medical isolation who had tested positive for Covid-19 at Fort Bliss, as of July 12, CNN reported.

Several children had to be hospitalized, according to the facility.

The outrage and cries for impeachment would’ve been wall-to-wall, 24/7 had this taken place during the 4- years when President Trump was at the helm.

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