Some lies have undetectable consequences, while others, like the lies Anthony Fauci and friends told about COVID and the vaccines that every man, woman, child, and even baby were threatened, intimidated, and shamed into receiving, have had irreparable harm on our society, not just in America, but worldwide.

Citizens around the world were not allowed to attend worship services in their churches, synagogues, or mosques. Those who refused to abide by the draconian mandates put in place by elected and unelected officials were arrested, some inside their places of worship.

Some of those who refused to follow the dictates of power-hungry, evil leftists were hunted down in their homes.

Parishioners were removed from their church by law enforcement and threatened with arrest for refusing to wear a mask in church.

Watch this pregnant woman who was literally dragged out of her Catholic church while attempting to receive Holy Communion.

The COVID lockdowns have had long-lasting effects on religious places of worship, as regular attendees of religious services never came back, whether over fears of contracting an illness or simply because they fell out of the habit of attending regular religious services. The decline in attendance at religious services is a huge win for the Left, as they throw any signs of religion out of government and corporations while openly replacing it with sexually explicit parades and programs for small children to celebrate Pride Month while showcasing their disdain for faith.

Entire economies, especially the restaurant/bar and commercial real estate industry, were destroyed during the COVID lockdowns, and many have never recovered.

Canadian truckers reached hero status when they stood up to radical Canadian leaders like Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford. The former top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson nailed it when he explained the trucker’s protest and why so many people around the world were behind them. “They’re not tired of the virus; they’re tired of the people who used the virus to give themselves more power!” Carlson told his viewers.

Radical Democrat elected officials are now being rewarded for their iron-fisted lockdowns of American citizens under their jurisdiction.

The two most heavy-handed governors in America are now, not surprisingly, waiting in the wings for Joe Biden to fail, as the Democrat Party has likely already handed them the reigns of power, hoping that if their diabolical plan to find President Trump guilty of crimes he never committed is successful, that Michigan’s most radical, far-left Governor in history, Gretchen Whitmer, will be the next Democratic candidate for President. Vote cheating has now become law in Michigan, and with the help of new voting laws designed to give Democrats power for decades to come, MI Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer and CA Governor Gavin Newsom, her likely candidate for VP, will be rewarded for their iron-fisted rule over citizens of their states during the Anthony Fauci COVID pandemic.

CA Gov Gavin Newsom (D) and MI Gov Gretchen Whitmer (D)

And now, Dr. Rand Paul, the most outspoken Senator in the United States Congress on the ties to the COVID pandemic and the dishonest “doctor” Anthony Fauci, is demanding accountability for what he calls an “elaborate cover-up” that’s been “orchestrated” by Dr. Fauci since the “very first days of the pandemic in January 2020.

Senator Rand Paul told Fox News Business host Maria Bartiromo, “What we know is, from the very first days of the pandemic in January 2020, that Anthony Fauci orchestrated an elaborate cover-up,” Paul said. “He knew there was a problem. At 3:00 in the morning, he was emailing somebody on January 31. And that person was head of the committee that was supposed to review dangerous research, the P3CO committee, and the potential pandemic pathogens. It was supposed to look at this dangerous research. But Fauci allowed it to go around that.”

Senator Rand Paul explained, “So he knew from the very beginning not only was he funding the Wuhan research, but he was going around the regulatory apparatus to let it happen, even though the rules said it shouldn’t have happened without more scrutiny.” Paul continued, “So he knew this from the beginning, and it was an active cover-up. He actively got papers placed that were not valid papers into large scientific journals. So, yes, it was a cover-up from the very beginning, but a real judgment error. And this is a man, Anthony Fauci, who said in 2012 that this kind of research to create new viruses was so important that, even if a pandemic should take place, that it’d be worth the knowledge.”

Senator Rand Paul is also calling out billionaire Bill Gates for funding COVID. “The blame equally should go not only to Chinese authorities but to Anthony Fauci and all those who advocated this. Bill Gates is the largest funder of trying to find these viruses in remote caves and bring them to big cities,” Senator Paul told Maria Bartiromo.


Will Dr. Anthony Fauci and billionaire Bill Gates be given a free pass for their roles in the COVID pandemic that has given the globalists who are part of the World Economic Forum a huge leg up on their plan to strip America of its status as a world leader and instead, create a one world order?

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